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Some people look for a beautiful place,

others make a place  beautiful!

Our Story!


Let us begin by telling you our story and how DaniDees was created.

We were chosen to be bridesmaids in the wedding of two of our best friends.  The couple opted to have a short engagement and there was much to do!  We were involved from the start, helping to select the perfect venue, the dresses, the tuxedos, offering advice and guidance throughout the entire process.  Many of the text messages began with Dani, Dee what do you think? And we loved every minute of it! 



We enjoyed being a part of the happiest time in our friends' lives and being there to reassure and guide them throughout the multitude of decisions and details.  As the day wore on, we were constantly in the background, setting up shots for the photographers, keeping the timeline and twenty-two-person wedding party on task and taking care of a few issues along the way.  While the bride and groom were taking their couple portraits (Ask Dee why that is one of her favorite parts of any wedding), we took a final look around the venue to make sure everything was in place, that every candle was lit, the tables were set, the favors were placed, and the DJ was ready. 

We knew that day our friends were having the best day that they could ever imagine, and we were so happy to make that happen for them! We also knew that we, Dani and Dee had something special too!  We looked at each other with a determined smile and said, “Let’s do this!”. 

That was the day our friends received their happily ever after... and our official partnership began!

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